Friday, April 17, 2015

Monday April 20-24

Students will be taking the smarter balanced test.  Each day we will see different classes after testing but not all classes.

In our science classes we will continue with our wave notes and notebook.  There will be a pop quiz next week as well but it will only be a short 10 question quiz on the notes in their notebook.  I cannot list a day as we will see different classes daily.

Plan on having a test on the waves stuff within the next two weeks after the testing week.  I will put a more specific date later.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Friday April 17

Students will continue to work on making their foldables and gluing them on page nine of their notebooks. 

Anyone that finishes before the end of class can use class time to catch up on missing notes or work on their waves crossword puzzle.  No homework.

Smarter Balanced testing next week for 7th grade!! 

Get plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast!

Thursday April 16

Students started on their foldables today that show the difference between transparent, translucent and opaque based on the reflection of light waves.  This is all class work.  No homework.

Wednesday April 15

Students that did not go on the band festival completed page 10 notes on waves for their notebook.  Those on the band trip will need to find time to make those notes up.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday April 14

We discussed the notes that the students copied yesterday (while they had a sub) and added an electromagnetic spectrum to their notebooks.  Students should be looking over their notes daily in case of pop quizzes.  We are now up to page 8 in our notebooks.  If students are not up to page 8, they need to get caught up.  They can either do that during free time in class, AA time just before lunch, lunch time during work room or at home if they want to access the class google site.  We will probably NOT have a test before state testing occurs.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Monday April 13

Students that were not here Friday will complete their lab sheet.  The rest of the students worked on their wave notes.  Students should be starting page 8 of their notes in their wave notebook.  There is a copy of all notes on our class page for anyone who is behind and wants to catch up.

Reminder that next week is testing for 7th grade!!

Friday, April 10

PAWS day.  Students staying behind will get caught up on their wave notebook and notes.  They can also work on their waves crossword puzzle or their sound lab sheet.  The lab sheet is due by the end of class on Monday.

Testing for 7th grade will begin on April 20th.  At that time, students will not be having homework or tests in that week.