Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday August 29

Students graded their conversion sheets today and then we practiced on reading measurments of lab equipment.  They will be calculating length, mass, and volume for instruments on their worksheet.  Once it is established that students can read the measurements well, they will be ready to use actual lab equipment.  I will demonstrate in class and continue working on it Tuesday.  This will not be homework.

Thursday August 28

Students in all classes except 5th period will have homework for their conversion worksheet.  We are working on the metric system.  In science, it is very important that students understand that the metric system in used internationally in science so that scientists around he world ( and Drs and nurses or anyone in the medical field) can understand each others work, trials, experiments and so forth.  In science class we will use only the metric system to measure length or distance (meters), volume (liters), and mass (grams).  The students were to convert metric measurements so they could gain an understanding of how having a system based on mutliples on 10 makes measuring and converting so much easier than the traditional English or Imperial system.

We will grade these papers in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wednesday August 27

Early Release Day -- Shortened Schedule

We graded the "Getting to Know Your Textbook" questions to make sure that students know where to find information in their textbook and how to use it.

Students will be given another Hypothesis worksheet to work on for Homework.  Due first thing in class tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26

Students were to finish their "Getting to Know Your Textbook" worksheet today.  Most everyone finished in class but there are some that still need to complete it at home.  There is an online textbook students could use instead of checking out a textbook from me.  If you go to our class science page, there are instructions for the online codes in the "forms and docs" page.  Click the link just under the panther at the top of this page and it will take you to the website.

THIS IS HOMEWORK ---- Due Tomorrow (Wednesday).  Students have been encouraged to check out a textbook to complete it.

Monday August 25

Students are to continue their "Getting to Know Your Textbook" worksheet.  I had a sub today and it seems that the students did not finish their work like I thought they would.  We will finish them in class tomorrow.  No Homework.

Friday August 22

Students tried to complete their  hypothesis worksheet and then we went over the answers.  They were to keep their papers until they get the second set next week.  The next set will be for a right or wrong grade but both papers will be turned in together and combined as one grade.

Students got a question sheet on "Getting to know your textbook".  They will use the books in class to work on in class the next few days.  Students are learning how to find information in their textbooks by looking for information in the table of contents, understanding how chapters and sections are set up and how to use the information to review for tests.  The students will have time in class to complete on Monday and we will grade them on Tuesday.  NO HOMEWORK this weekend!!

Thursday August 21

Checked the history of science questions and discussed how to complete a worksheet on developing a hypothesis from a problem that needed to be solved.  Students should work on this for homework.  It will be for participationg grade only so students can practice developing appropriate hypothesis.