Friday, January 23, 2015

Tuesday January 27

Test on Bones and Muscles! 

All study materials for this test need to be turned in within the next two days (no later than Thursday)!!

This includes:

1. Muscle Cornell notes
2.  Muscle foldable
3.  Bone Cornell notes
4.  Bones and Muscles Crossword

Monday January 26

Students played a review game to help study for their test tomorrow. They also had an option to go online and play games naming muscles and bones.

Test tomorrow on both muscles and bones!!

Friday January 23

Students completed their notes today and have a skeleton diagram to study for their test on Tuesday.  Then need to know the names of the bones and the names of the different joints in the body. They also need to be studying their muscle notes and diagrams as well. 

The test on Tuesday will cover both bones and muscles!!

Have a great weekend!!  Do the snow dance!!

Thursday January 23

Continue cornell notes on the skeletal system.

The test on Tuesday will cover both bones and muscles!!

Have a great weekend!!  Do the snow dance!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday January 21

Students took notes on the skeletal system today.  We are not finished with the note taking but the PowerPoint has been uploaded to our science page for students to review if necessary.  Remember that all Skeleton Webquests were due today!  I will be checking your folders on the server tomorrow for your work. 

Test next Tuesday!!  Be studying your diagrams and notes for the skeleton and muscles!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tuesday January 20

Students will continue the webquest in class today.  This is due tomorrow, so any student that does not have it complete will need to email it to themselves or save it on a thumb/USB drive to work on it at home.  Some students even printed it off so they could write the answers by hand.  Once again, these will need to be saved on the server at school when they are complete.  Any turned in after Wednesday will receive a late grade of 10% off per day late.

Monday January 19

No School - - MLK holiday