Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday September 11

I would like to take time to send out thoughts and prayers to all Americans and especially those who lost loved ones in the horrific act that occurred against us 13 years ago.  Let Freedom Ring!

Students graded their second Scientific method sheet today depicting scenarios of experiments.  This one was for a right or wrong grade.  There is not homework and we did not start anything new today.

Tomorrow we will watch a mythbusters program and students will have to fill out a chart on parts of the scientific method.

Wednesday September 10

Students graded their SpongeBob scientific method sheets.  This sheet was for practice and students will get a credit grade just for completing it.  The students then received another sheet for a right or wrong grade that will be due tomorrow.  There are four different scenarios on the sheet and most students completed two before class was over.  Therefore, the majority of students will have homework to complete the sheet. 

5th Period just finished instruction on the first sheet but had homework to complete the last two scenarios before class tomorrow.  They probably did not finish by the end of class and will have homework.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday September 9

Students graded their tests today and should be able to tell you their score.  If they are not satisfied with their score, they can re-take the test on Thursday during lunch time and only then.  The highest score between both tests will be recorded.

We discussed the scientific method and experiments identifying controls, variables (idependent and dependent).  They were given a worksheet with experiments on it and they have to find the control and variables. This sheet is homework.  There were four experiments on the sheet and we did one together in class (5th period did not get that far today).  It is homework due tomorrow in class.

Monday September 8

Students took their measurment test today.  No Homework.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Friday September 5

Students played a review game to help  practice for their test on measuring that is MONDAY.

There are PowerPoints on our class page (use the link under the Panther above).  Go to the "forms and docs" page.  Look for the files with "metric" in the title.  There is one for volume, mass, length and conversions.

Thursday September 4

Students completed their measuring picture in class today and turned it in.  No homework other than studying for their test on MONDAY on measuring.

Wednesday September 3

Students graded their lab sheet on measuring.  They then started an actual measuring sheet where they had to measure in metric (cm and mm) to create a picture.  This assignment is two fold in that they must 1) follow directions and 2) measure accurately.  This is not homework and we will continue this in class tomorrow.

Test on measurment MONDAY!!