Thursday, May 7, 2015

Monday May 11

Test on waves

Notebook and crossword puzzle are due no later than Wednesday May 13th!!

Students also received their next crossword puzzle on physics.  We will start some physics lessons tomorrow.

We are planning to cover physics and chemistry the next few weeks.  So two more tests are predicted before the end of the school year.  It is important that students realize they should not slack on their work especially in science class.

Friday May 8

Shortened schedule today due to the testing reward bash for students that took the SBA.

Students will work on the review game or they can work on missing parts of their notebooks.

Test Monday!!

Wave notebook and crossword puzzle due no later than Wednesday next week!

Thursday May 7

Students played the review game today.

 - Test on Monday

 - Waves Notebook and crossword puzzle are due no later than next Wednesday!

Wednesday May 6

Students graded their practice test and should have corrected any wrong items.  Students are welcome to come back at the end of the day to take one of the tests home with them. They may also find a copy on the class web page (follow the link above under the panther) as well as the answer key.  Any class time left, the students played the review game or worked on their notebooks.

Notebooks and Crossword puzzle is due within two days of taking their test!!

TEST on waves is Monday May 11th

Tuesday May 5

Students were given the opportunity to take last years test to see how much they have studied about waves and to give them an idea of what type of questions I could ask on the test Monday.  Students will receive participation points for competing the test by the beginning of class tomorrow.

Monday May 4

Students competed a diagram on reflection and refraction.  This will be placed on page 13 of their notebook. 

Test has been moved to Monday May 11th

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday May 1

Student were to complete their mirror lab sheets and drawings.  They could start on page 12 notes if they had time.  Don't forget TEST THURSDAY MAY 7.