Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday November 20

Students that stayed behind worked on a packet about charts and graphs.  If they did not finish this today, then they have to complete it tomorrow.

Students that went on the trip will get a chance to complete it in class tomorrow.

Wednesday November 19

Test on diseases and the human immune system

Tuesday November 18

Finish Cornell notes then play the review game

Monday November 17

Students will continue with Cornell notes.  Students will be allowed to use their notes on the test.
Their test is Wednesday because of the PAWS trip on Thursday and the BETA convention on Friday.  I will not be in class those two days. 

Week of Nov 10th

Monday and Wednesday - Work on the body's defense packet
Tuesday - No school Veterans Day
Thursday  - grade packet as class whole
Friday - Cornell notes

Week of Nov 3rd

Monday - graded together infectious disease questions
Tuesday - No School Election Day
Wednesday - Infectious disease chart and malaria questions
Thursday - The body's defenses video and questions
Friday - Body's defenses packet

Week of October 27th

Monday - Graded plant test
Tuesday - Disease Chart
Wednesday - Infectious Disease Questions from text
Thursday - Continue Questions
Friday - finish disease chart